Bringing a podcast to life can be trickier than tying a sailor’s knot with one hand. It requires a broad mix of specialized expertise to safely navigate the dangerous minefield and end up victorious on your quest for podcast glory.

Luckily, you’re not alone.

From tech to storytelling to marketing, we’ve got your back. Our step-by-step process gives you the treasure map you’ve been craving to launch and scale your podcast.

Let’s peek behind the wizard’s curtain on each step of your yellow brick road:

Station One:


  • Show structure
  • Theme development
  • Show personality
  • Listener profiles
  • Key objectives
  • Show music
  • Unique twist
  • Guest outreach
  • Platform descriptions

Station Two:


  • Marketing plan
  • Brand design
  • Show website
  • Distribution
  • Asset library dev
  • Show cover art
  • Show overview
  • Advertising

Station Three:


  • Gear plan
  • Guest interview kits
  • Guest prep
  • Show infrastructure
  • Sound engineering
  • Hosting
  • Editing plan

Station Four:


  • Pre-show outlines
  • Post-show recaps
  • Interview strategy
  • Personality profile
  • Mock interviews
  • Voice development
  • Equipment
  • Storytelling

Station Five:


  • Recording
  • Guest booking
  • Show assembly
  • SFX + music
  • Show notes
  • Show transcriptions
  • Resource development

Station Six:


  • Execute marketing plan
  • Social promotion
  • Podcast network pitching
  • Communication plan
  • Show website updates
  • Show analytics

Station Seven:


  • On-going support
  • Strategy adaptations
  • Show format upgrades
  • Monetization
  • Show collaborations
  • Guest identification