Our team has over 75 combined years of experience in content development, audio production, music scoring, storytelling, and digital marketing. We’ve contributed to hundreds of podcasts in a variety of ways.

Some are top-secret while others you’ve probably enjoyed as they tickle your eardrums.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Playmakers: Impact Unleashed

Hosted by Paul Epstein

Playmakers: Impact Unleashed is an all-access pass to the game-changers of today and the history makers of tomorrow. The show looks past the trophy cabinet and features a no-bs, inside look into the world of comeback, transformation, and impact unearthing practical tools and mindsets that we can all leverage to make a play in our own lives and careers. Take a seat at the table with leadership expert, sports industry veteran, personal transformation coach, and proven business leader Paul Epstein in this inspiring, yet immediately actionable podcast. From stories of total defeat to the thrills of unimaginable achievement to the practices of mastering the inside game, each show will share a high-energy, prescriptive blueprint to unlock impact and drive success, significance, and purpose no matter your starting point. Meet Paul at the 50 and make a play together!

Subscribe to the show at: PlaymakersPod.com


Hosted by Josh Linkner

Creative Troublemakers is an insider’s look at outsiders – the misfits that take a non-traditional approach to achieve, win, and soar. The show features surprising and compelling stories, ranging from titans of industry to unknown, everyday innovators — just like you and me. Travel the world with innovation expert, tech entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author Josh Linkner in this inspiring and fun podcast. You’ll enjoy the unexpected stories of brilliant minds – from billionaires to mere mortals – all illustrating how creative troublemaking leads to the best possible outcomes. Let’s get a little crazy and let our creativity loose.

The Everyday Impactivist

Hosted by Chris Field

Join Everyday Impactivist Chris Field as he reveals the surprising truths behind the people who create powerful transformation one tiny decision of good at a time. Do we all really have what it takes to change the world? One thousand times yes. Does it require exceptional wealth or tons of spare time? Absolutely not. It’s a choice we can each make everyday where we are and with what we have to offer – no matter our starting point. Through his 4-step Impactivist framework, Chris provides a prescriptive blueprint that identifies how to free up and activate just 1% of your day to give back in a big way. You’ll not only meet incredible people with eclectic backgrounds, but you’ll also enjoy a front row seat to follow the journeys of everyday people as they take their giving to the next level, no cash donation required. You’ll walk away from each episode with a treasure trove of mindset shifts and creative giving tactics to help multiply your impact on a daily basis. Join Chris as he turns walls on their sides to make bigger tables and share world changing goodness one spoonful at a time.

Subscribe to the show at: EverydayImpactivist.com

Perspectives From The Top

Hosted by Chris Roebuck

Discover the secrets of success for you and your organization shared by the world’s leading thinkers, doers, and trailblazers. Join Chris Roebuck, Honorary Visiting Professor of transformational leadership, leader in military, business, and government, inspiring global keynote speaker, one of HR’s Most Influential Thinkers, bestselling author, and your host of Perspectives from the Top. The show reveals a treasure trove of insights from mega trends to practical strategies and actions to take your career up a gear. From government world shapers and business mold breakers to evidence driven academics and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, each episode shows you how you can immediately use these new ideas and actions to drive your success.

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