They say taking the first step of any new pursuit is the hardest. Screw that, let’s make it easy…

Connor Trombley

Chief Strategy Officer

Here are your options:

  1. Call or text my mobile: 248-930-4544
  2. Email me: Connor@DetroitPodcastStudios.com
  3. Send me a letter: 30300 Telegraph Road, Suite 370, Bingham Farms, MI 48025
  4. Show up (don’t forget your compass): Latitude: 42.5159845; Longitude: -83.2855565; Elevation: 224m
  5. Meet me for a burger: Five Guys Burgers and Fries, West 12 Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48075
  6. Too many options? I hear ya. Check out this book: The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less by Barry Schwartz. It’s a lively read.

Look forward to connecting, in whatever format you prefer.


Jordan Broad

Head of Operations

Podcast industry expert, engineer, and seasoned tech executive obsessed with driving innovation, progress and hockey stick growth in the world of podcasting.

Matt Ciccone

Customer Experience + Success

Insane with the details, has a creative imagination, and loves nothing more than getting it right. Possesses a deep seething hatred for losing.

Lina Ksar

Audio Engineering + Creative

Audio and design skills so legit, with the creativity of Banksy, she can make Zach Galifianakis sound like Adam Levine.


Josh Linkner

Strategic Advisor + Content Strategy

5-Time Tech Entrepreneur, NYT Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and #1 Most Booked Innovation Keynote Speaker.

Kaiser Yang

Strategic Advisor + Listener Engagement

CEO, Platypus Labs, a master innovator known for having the hustle without the hoodie. Podcast connoisseur and audio junky.

Jon Reede

Strategic Advisor + Storytelling

Senior Partner, Rave Speakers Bureau, Podcast Executive Producer, and Songwriter.